Plate woman square (on-line version)

Customer Name: Pinghu love life wedding photography

Industry attributes: wedding photography
Service projects: LOGO design and part of the application design

Project background:
Sources from a love of classical Chinese culture, a group of the country’s leading art team in the youth of creative cultural industry in China leading figure in Mr. Yang Jian’s leadership, in 2003 founded the establishment of China’s wind original art photography – plate woman square. They are bent on using the innovation of traditional Chinese culture in portrait photography, contemporary feminine charm in artistic conception of Chinese classical aesthetics unique display. After a long period of painstaking creation, the first literary works “Shu Yu atlas”, boudoir series “Cui sleeve cold”, classic film “Aya shadow hall” three Chinese culture photography theme, highlighting the extraordinary oriental aesthetics output value, create a “more Chinese, more fashionable,” unique product gene, with a series of today’s most handed down the value of portrait photography opened the era of “China Wind” of the global art portrait photography.