Official Accounts

Connect to WeChat users via a special account for publishing content

and building dynamic services that run within WeChat.

Register for International-Market Official Account
Register for Mainland China-Market Official Account (Chinese)

Broadcast Messaging

Easily publish articles and media to be sent to your users daily.

Interactive Menus

Define custom menus to give users quick access to features in your account.


Extend your account by building HTML mini-apps that take advantage of our JavaScript API.

Message Handling

Messages and user events can be passed off to your server to formulate a response.

Cards & Offers

Deliver offers, membership cards, and discounts to your customers.

QR Codes

Generate unique QR codes that can activate specific features in your account.


Use WeChat to power your wireless hotspot to save your customers password hassles and gain followers.


Request the user’s location to deliver location-based services.


Get detailed data on your users and how they engage with your content.

Account Types
WeChat offers three different Official Account types offering varied features and uses.
Read more about account features by type

Service Account

Offers businesses and organizations more advanced interactions such as interactive web views, templated messages, and WeChat Pay to enable app-level capabilities

Subscription Account

Primarily targeted towards media and publishers to offer a new way broadcast content (limited to one broadcast per day)

Enterprise Account

(Only available in mainland China) Offers organizations a powerful set of tools for broadcast messaging, organizational directory management, and office automation


International-Market vs. China-Market Platforms

Official Accounts are available on the International-Market Official Accounts Platform and the Mainland China-Market Platform. While features and API interfaces are nearly identical between platforms, the platforms have different requirements and use cases as detailed in the chart below.

Registered Entity

International Mainland China
Business and government entities based in the following regions: Hong Kong S.A.R., India, Indonesia, Macau S.A.R., Malaysia, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, USA Individuals, businesses, or organizations based in mainland China

Document Requirement

International Subscription Account (Mainland China) Service Account (Mainland China)
Operator’s personal ID card and business license or authorization letter (for government entities) Mainland China ID card of operator and (for organizations) mainland China business license (“营业执照”) and authorization form (“授权运营书”) Mainland China ID card of operator, mainland China business license (“营业执照”) and authorization form (“授权运营书”)

Intended Audience

International Mainland China
Users registered in regions outside of mainland China including Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau Users worldwide including those registered in mainland China

Admin Interface

International Mainland China
English Simplified Chinese