Taste of Wuxi – Wuxi three Feng Bridge meat Zhuang

Wuxi Sanfeng bridge meat Zhuang created in 1927, the expansion in 1989, identified as the first batch of China’s Ministry of Commerce in the area of Wuxi only China Time-honored Brand Enterprise, is an important part of the listed companies in Wuxi commercial mansion Grand Orient Co., Ltd.. 2011 sales performance of nearly a profit of nearly 30 million.

Wuxi City Sanfeng bridge village of flesh of a limited liability company is the production of three Feng Bridge ribs sauce for Wuxi, a famous native, followed nearly a hundred years of traditional formula and modern production technology the perfect combination, it with the color red sauce, rich flavor, bone crisp rotten, oil and not greasy features, home tourism, gifts to friends and relatives of Jiapin. Sanfeng bridge village of flesh of the production of fresh, vacuum packaging, the packaging cooked food series a total of more than 200 varieties, marketing the country more than 20 large and medium-sized cities. The cooking process has been listed as the first batch of non material cultural heritage in Jiangsu province.

In order to meet the market demand, the company in Wuxi area of 33 acres of land, built a modern soft packaging plant. The factory has advanced food production equipment, and has achieved HACCP, QS, ISO9001 all kinds of certification, through the China Inspection and Quarantine Bureau issued a certificate of export health permits and certificates of origin.

In the next few years, Wuxi Sanfeng bridge village of flesh will focus on “Sanfeng bridge, Wuxi taste” enterprise image publicity language efforts to achieve food, fresh food, shaping the all-round improvement of the food packaging for the three business sectors, to seek greater development of enterprises, strive to become the East China region has a profound cultural background, good social image, has strong development strength quality old and famous enterprises.