Ji Gu Zhai

Yixing handmade pottery art refers to the distribution in Jiangsu province Yixing city dingshuzhen a traditional Chinese folk art pottery. This process produced in song and Yuan Dynasty, mature in Ming Dynasty, has been 600 years of history. From the Ming Wuzong Zhengde years since the start made Yixing pot, famous men, 500 years have been handed down the fine. It is said that the founder of the Ming Dynasty Yixing pottery is China spring. Teapot (Art) characteristics is not wins the aroma of tea and cooked soup gas, gas tea kettle wall adsorption, long use the empty pot into the boiling water and tea. In addition, there are a variety of Zisha crafts.
Yixing handmade pottery art has a long history and a very high artistic achievement, world-renowned art. And with its unique raw material, exquisite craftsmanship, the plastic arts of ancient natural color and attitudes Zi, in the arts and crafts garden forest unique and different divergent deposit color and enduring.