JD.com is an online shopping site which has a large variety of products, ranging from clothing, to food, to technological devices. The site is accessible via both desktop and mobile devices to customers all over China. With JD.com’s new cooperation with WeChat, customers can easily register a new account within JD.com’s app using their WeChat credentials. On a mobile device, this turns the entire registration process into just a few clicks. Additionally, customers can directly enter JD.com through a portal in the WeChat App — this exists as one of the features in “Wallet” labeled “Specials”. Other services include payment through WeChat Pay, sharing coupons with friends, and opt-in update notifications on new sales events. This cooperation with WeChat has greatly improved user experience on JD.com. Users have more ways to interact and share information with their social network. Multiple methods of access, binding WeChat ID credentials, and WeChat Pay all contribute to lowering barriers-to-entry making buying goods online easier than ever.