“The Belt and Road” red bean love Donggang West Port line

March 29, Wuxi Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the district Party Committee Propaganda Department, and red bean group invited central kitchen of the people’s daily, Xinhua news agency client, China Economic Net, Sohu, with dispatch net, first financial network, China Network in Jiangsu, Tencent Su net and so on more than 10 Central, provincial mainstream media group of China new media journalists, arrived in Phnom Penh “West Hong Kong” to conduct field interviews. The media group interviewed Cambodian officials in Kampuchea Development Council Secretary General Song Jinda, Kampuchea governor Sihanouk Run Ming, Ambassador to Kampuchea and the Chinese cloth business counselor Song Xiaoguo and many in the park and Cambodia staff representatives, and participate in SSEZ construction report, visit the training center, the enterprises in the park and the surrounding villages, with real and comprehensive vivid and quick reports show SSEZ achievements, promotion of SSEZ development experience, the Polish “The Belt and Road” Cambodia win-win gold name card.

By a united Hongdou Group four enterprises in Wuxi Cambodia enterprise cooperation to build Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone, is recognized by the governments of the two countries only in the Cambodian National Special Economic Zone, has been in the Cambodian leaders attach great importance to and actively support. Sihanouk Hong Kong Special Economic Zone after 8 years of construction, from scratch, has achieved initial results, called the “win-win cooperation is an important node Belt and Road Initiative” model park.

In an interview, said the founding of the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia village Ambassador cloth, Cambodia is a old and young both, blend of traditional and modern wonders of the country and for West, Hong Kong SAR, the development and construction of the speed and the results obtained are very exciting. SSEZ as an important node Belt and Road Initiative “on economic and trade cooperation zone, highlighting the important significance of demonstration and model in open mode, development orientation and platform services, adhere to mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, and actively fulfill corporate responsibility, the park development aspirations with the local people to live a happy life with relative, fully demonstrates the good image of Chinese enterprises.

Kampuchea Development Council Secretary General Mr. Song Jinda said that Kampuchea has a stable political and social environment, abundant labor force investment, a high degree of freedom and free exchange and other advantages, and promote the “Belt and Road Initiative” strategy, provides opportunities for win-win cooperation for cambodia. Starting in 2005, the investment of Chinese funded enterprises in Kampuchea involved in all aspects, especially the investment of hydropower stations, and provide strong support for the local development of the West. Red beans as one of the first to be settled in the western port of Hong Kong enterprises, the role of the development of the park is huge. West Port, the current achievements have been worth celebrating, looking forward to it can become a model for all overseas cooperation zone.



The Chinese Embassy in Cambodia business counselor songxiao Guo in missions to the media show the good friend friend Chinese Cambodian aid and investment projects parade “, a book on said, in Cambodia’s road, bridges, power plants, communications, and other construction projects, China is giving a great help. Cambodia will sign the “build The Belt and Road memorandum of cooperation”, to promote Kampuchea to actively promote the Belt and Road Initiative cooperation.


At present, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has been settled in 95 enterprises, to solve the employment positions, the total output value of $13, becoming the largest in Kampuchea enterprises settled in the sar. SSEZ is a model of international cooperation capacity, while Wuxi Hongdou Group conform to the national development trend, played a forerunner role in promoting Belt and Road Initiative strategy.