Oriental Chanel (on-line Edition)

Customer Name: Chongqing Oriental Chanel photography Co. Ltd.
Industry attributes: individuals, couples photography
Service item: Photography

Project background:

Chongqing Oriental Chanel photography Co., Ltd. was established in 2014, the Oriental Group of Chanel’s including global franchise business center, business schools and training institutions, Oriental Chanel art portrait photography brand.

Grasps the fashion aesthetic combination of Chinese cultural heritage deep understanding and unique extraordinary imagination, fashion elements and Chinese wind is perfect fusion, tries hard in the artistic conception of Chinese classical aesthetics shows the unique charm of contemporary female, to create a “Chinese rhyme, Oriental beauty” original brand of art photography agencies, with a series of today’s most handed down the value of portrait photography, drawing out the new era of Chinese artistic photo! Humanity, brand, fashion, new aesthetics will be the perfect interpretation of the beauty of Oriental women.