About us

Brief introduction

Jiangsu micro Sheng Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in the Jiangsu area of micro electricity suppliers.

Micro Sheng since the beginning of creation focus in micro electronic business mode of exploration and practice, has accumulated very mature in technology research and development of mobile terminal business, system building, there are also plenty of successful cases in the operational aspects of the product line.

Company was founded by Chairman of Yang Ming, after many years in the micro electricity supplier in the field of deep secret agents, at present employee more than 100 people, more than 90% of bachelor’s degree.

Today, relying on mature IT system and rich WeChat marketing resources, to create a brand, operations, money, the concept of boosting the enterprise to win the price.

Micro Sheng is based on market analysis, platform architecture, multi-channel marketing promotion, operational support as the core of a set of tailor-made marketing solutions for enterprises. The main content includes: micro marketing top-level design, organizational structure, personnel, floor plan, micro business case analysis, etc..


Micro Sheng mission
Become a leading micro business integrated service platform is a micro Sheng Enterprise vision. Yang Ming, chairman of the board with all my colleagues will spare no effort to the vision of one step at a time at ease, firmly forward.

At present, the company has set up R & D centers in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi and Xi’an, and the implementation of the headquarters and representative offices.

With the steady and healthy development of enterprises, micro Sheng gradually formed a micro poly micro power, practice team dream as the core of corporate culture.

Micro Sheng believes: satisfied customers, satisfaction of employees and the satisfaction of shareholders are complementary.